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The Transformers’19: The Mock Stock Gam

The Department of Commerce conducted the event of Mock Stock Game on 14th December 2019. Students from M.Com I and MBA I & III participated in the event and made it a success.

The event was conceptualised by Dr. Dippi Verma – M.Com Program Co ordinator. Dr. Verma was assisted by two able students of M.Com I – Suresh N and Sahana Maria. Prof. Suman Mishra co ordinated the event along with Dr. Dippi Verma.

The event commenced with the inspirational words of Principal Rev. Sr. Rose Mary, who inspired the students to make money from their money. She also focused on the importance of education and its return earned by each individual.

The game modelled on the stock exchange and capturing the excitement of real-time trading kept the students on their toes throughout. The game continued with 4 consecutive rounds where the participant teams bought, sold and negotiated with the companies and the fellow participants. This event not only engaged the students with a fun time but focused on making the students learn the art of buying, selling of the shares and also negotiating the prices at which they will to buy or sell.

After two hours of battling it out on the mock stock trading floor as bulls & bears, the following results surfaced:

1st Position: TEAM RODIMUS – Divyashree & Akshita (M.Com I)

2nd Position: TEAM JAZZ – Ajas & Prajith (MBA I)

3rd Position: TEAM WHEEL JACK – Shabeeb & Jikku Kuriakose (MBA I)

Congratulations to the winners!

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