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Guest Lecture on “Importance of Goal Setting”

The students of M.Com I semester attended a guest lecture on 10th December 2019. Mrs. Radha, CEO Smart Series – A Learning Solutions Company, delivered a session on the importance of goal setting.

During the two-hour session she covered many important aspects of goal setting and its need in the students’ life. The resource person spoke about the topic by dividing it into small segments. The major segments delivered by her were:

· 3 habits

· 3 – 30 minutes principle

· 7 key areas of life

· 3 principles of goal setting

· 10 steps to set the goals

These kinds of sessions help the students to gather knowledge about the goal setting process and also, they get an insight of the importance and benefits that can be derived by implementing the same in their lives. This will not only develop their skills in the area of goal setting but also it will enhance their personality and career profile.

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