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New Value Added Programs in IT Subjects (SAP, AI, and Blockchain) for MBA Students

The Management Studies Department, T. John College has chalked out an ambitious plan for its MBA students. A VAP (Value Added Programme) course in IT subject like SAP (a popular Enterprise Resource Planning software), Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain is being undertaken for the current MBA students. The intent is to give them a flavour of some modern IT technologies in the market. SAP anyway is tailor made for an MBA as a business functional consultant.

This course will be conducted by Asst Professor Mr. Vineesh Vinay Vedsen.

A very basic course has been planned to give them conceptual knowledge of the subject. They must understand the basic concept, key terminologies so that they can take part in any discussion related to the same. A basic test will be conducted once these courses are done to check their familiarity with the subject.

There is a plan to back this course with a more rigorous session which will help them get certified in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain by a recognized body.

This will certainly give them a leap in their career going forward.



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