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Financial Modelling with Excel

Department of Management Studies, T. John College, conducted ‘Financial Modelling with Excel’ for the students of 2nd semester MBA and M.Com on 2nd May 2019.

The two- hour session was conducted by Prof. Veena Anand and Dr. Trupti Dandekar.

Prof. Veena Anand commenced the session with the concepts of Time Value of Money leading onto calculations to be done with Microsoft Excel. The other important concepts in Finance handled by her were calculating Net Present Value (NPV) & Internal Rate of Return (IRR) with Excel. The significance of NPV and IRR were also discussed. The concept of ‘Beta’ which is essential in the calculation of risk and return and understanding the performance of a stock was also discussed.

Dr. Trupti continued the session by explaining the calculation of Beta through the Slope tool and Linear Regression. The students had been given the data for two companies a day prior to the training. This data was used to calculate Beta. The students found the session challenging and useful.

Companies coming for placements require students to have hands on experience in excel. This training session will go a long way in developing the skills of students of students with regular practice sessions.

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