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Participation in the Green Sunday (Tree Plantation)

Participation in the Green Sunday (Tree Plantation) Event on 12th May 2019, Organised by Adamya Chetana NGO by the students of Department of Management Studies T. John College

The Students of the Department of Management Studies (II semester MBA & M.Com), T.John College, participated in the Green Sunday (Tree Plantation) event on 12th May 2019, organised by Adamya Chetana NGO at Sompura, Bangalore.

Adamya Chetana today has touched the lives of thousands through its various projects across its core themes of AnnaAkshara and Aarogya [Food – Education – Health]. They have also taken up additional areas of intervention around – Rural Development and Environmental Issues.

As part of Environmental Programmes, every Sunday they organize Green Sunday (Tree Plantation) events in Bangalore urban and rural areas. About 20 students (II Semester MBA & M.Com) along with faculty coordinator Mr. Krishnarao actively participated and planted trees at the venue Sompura, Bangalore.

All students actively participated and showed interest to participate in such social events in the future. It was a truly amazing experience and provided a lot of satisfaction by participating in a social event for  a good cause on Sunday.



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