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NSS Annual Special Camp March 2019 by T.John College

NSS Annual Special Camp March 2019 by T.John College

Introduction: T.John College had conducted a National Service Scheme Annual Special Camp from 29th March to 04th April, 2019 at Art of Living International Center, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore.
The student volunteers of the NSS Unit T.John College participated in the camp for a week time with great energy and enthusiasm in being a part of serving for the upbringing of society & personality development is responsible for the ultimate character of students and their behavior in the field even after graduation. This report contains details of the particular activities conducted during the camp.

DAY 1 :- 29th March 2019, Friday – Inauguration
On March 29th 2019, The NSS Annual Special Camp was inaugurated by Mr. Nishant Amar, Administrator, Art of Living International Center, Kanakapura Road, Mr. Arun Kumar.R, NSS Program Officer, Ms. Jayashree, NSS Co-ordinator of T.John College along with the student volunteers of NSS Unit T.John College. Guest of Honor was presented to Mr. Nishant Amar who gave welcome address to the students in briefing them about serving the society and role of youth in the upbringing of the society, he encouraged and motivated the students to always be happy and share the love with fellow human beings and explained them the Sanskrit meaning of “SEVA”. In presence of the Guest all the NSS Volunteers took NSS Pledge and Inauguration ceremony was concluded by giving Vote of Thanks.

DAY 2 :- 30th March 2019, Saturday Campus Tour, Shramdaan, Guest Talk on Control on mind by Mr. Vinodh Kumar and Visit to the Village for Awarness Program
On March 30th 2019, NSS Flag Hoisting by Guest every day early morning at 6.00 AM with students singing the NSS anthem followed by Yoga & Meditation classes every day. Student Volunteers everyday involved in Shramdaan in cleaning activities in the garden & fields. Student Volunteers were taken to the Campus Tour where students witnessed the facilities in the campus like Vedic Learning School, Gardens, Old Ashram, Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital and Goshala. Later in the afternoon Mr. Vinodh Kumar faculty from Art of Living International Center delivered guest talk on controlling mind, he spoke on how youngsters should be focused on their education and setting up their career, he also discussed about different patterns and techniques of breathing. Students had activity based learning, he threw light on how to concentrate & be focused. In the evening students visited village and gathered children and created awareness on meditation and yoga for the people of village.

DAY 3 :- 31st March 2019, Sunday Shramdaan & Motivational Talk on Environmental & Social Welfare
On March 31st 2019, NSS volunteers visited Permaculture fields and attended “Motivational Talk on Environmental & Social Welfare by Mr. Binay Kumar Singh” a former corporate employee turned farmer and a responsible Indian whose interest is in Environmental and social welfare activities in the country. Students were more interesred in his motivational and awakening session where he spoke on preservation and limiting usage of water, white revolution and permaculture. Followed by volunteers attended field work where in they learnt how to make organic composite and they were also involved in fixing the name plates for the plants and tress.  Later in the evening students had attending satsang in Visalakshi Mantap every day as a personality development program. After dinner students everyday had been working for half an hour in kitchen.

DAY 4 :- 1st April 2019, Monday Shramdaan & Guest Lecture on ISO Mega Kitchen
On April 1st 2019, Student Volunteers were divided into three groups. Two involved in Swacch Bharath and one group involved in data entry work. Students attended Guest Lecture on Mainatananince of ISO Mega Kitchen by Mr. Sourabh, HOD of Kitchen, Art of Living International Center. He spoke on the systems and procedures used in the kitchen, techniques and strategies used in preparation and serving of 15,000 meals a day without any quality issues, reduction of waste and use of bio gas from the waste in kitchen. Later students were taken to the kitchen visit where the machines and their features were explained to students.


DAY 5 :- 2nd April 2019, Tuesday Shramdaan and Visit to Old Age Home
On April 2nd 2019, Student Volunteers in the afternoon visited Shanthidam Home for Senior Citizens with snacks, fruits & biscuits. The program started with dance & singing performances in front of aged people in the home followed by speaking to all the inmates of the Old Age Home. All the senior citizens were so happy looking at the students and blessed all the student volunteers to grow big in their lives.


DAY 6 :- 3rd April 2019, Wednesday Shramdaan & Guest Lecture on Sanatana Dharma
On April 3rd 2019, Student volunteers were divided into three groups. All involved in Swacch Bharath activity in three different locations. Students attended Guest Lecture on Sanatana Dharma by Prof. Srikanta, Nodal Officer, Youth Red Cross, Bengaluru Central University he firstly asked all the students about what is their Goal/Aim in life, later he taught them why is it important to setting goals in life as a student. He brought out the teachings from Vedas & Gurukul of ancient times, the lifestyle of those times & richness of the culture & tradition in India. He also taught students the teachings of Swami Vivekanada, and students to be educated, focused & discipline can get everything in their lives. He sung songs of NSS and patriotism and explained the depth of meaning in the songs to the NSS Volunteers.

DAY 7 :- 4th April 2019, Thursday Gardening Work, Cultural Program & Games and Thanks Giving – Feedback Sharing – Concluding Session

NSS volunteers took up the work of gardening and plantation in the morning. As the final day of the camp the students participated themselves in the cultural activities and games for their personal development. Valediction program was conducted; the Art of Living staff shared their feelings about the camp and students participation which received a lot of appreciation from them. Students also shared their experience and their learning in the camp, particularly learning Yoga, Pranayams, Aasanas, Time & Stress Management, Not wasting food or water, they then thanked Management, Principal of T.John College for providing such an opportunity for learning and service to the society. They also thanked Bangalore University – NSS Unit & Art of Living International Center. It was concluded by giving vote of thanks to everybody.

The Camp was co-ordinated by Mr.Arun Kumar.R, NSS-Unit Head, T.John College and other co-ordinators Mr. Govind Kumar & Ms. Jayashree.



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