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NSS Volunteers of T.John College participating in an International Fund Raising event – OXFAM Trail Walk 2019

Oxfam Trial Walk is a unique fundraising international event to eliminate poverty. Oxfam Trial walker is an International NGO, who have conducted similar Fundraising event in different countries like Canada, Australia, UK etc. T.John College association with OXFAM INDIA for eighth time in a row from 2012.

Volunteers from NSS Unit of T.John College volunteering themselves in service and participation in one of the countries’ big fund raising event for social cause on 18th Jan 2019. Check Point 2 on the trail walker track of 100 kms distance is sponsored by T.John College, it is a unique check point among other 9 check points on the track which is fully given to and managed by student volunteers.

Over there the students had to help the people who were walking 100 kms for the cause “WALK FOR EQUALITY”. The students enjoyed a lot while working to support the people who were walking for a noble cause. The students learnt how to work under pressure and the importance of team building.  Students get a real time experience in managing a full fledged event by managing resources, handling people, team work, delegation of task etc. It was an experience of a lifetime for the students leaving them with lessons in importance of social responsibility. There was an immense support and encouragement to student volunteers from Dr. Shikha Tiwari, Principal T.John College. The students were accompanied by Mr. Govind Kumar, Physical Education Director and the program was Co-ordinated by Mr. Arun Kumar.R, In-Charge – National Service Scheme Unit, T.John College.

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