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T.John College NSS Volunteers participating in Kumudavathi River Rejuvenation Project

River Kumudvathi is one of Bangalore’s important sources of drinking water. At its optimum capacity, this river can meet 60% of Bangalore’s water requirement. Once a perennial river supplying water to the villages nearby and catering to northern parts of Bangalore, the Kumudavati was gasping for life few years ago.
Owing to the collective efforts of the Art of Living Volunteers under the able guidance of Dr Lingaraju, the river is bouncing back to life.
During weekends, volunteers from Bangalore lend their hands in contributing to this cause by planting indigenous saplings, cleaning up Kalyani, watering the saplings, providing compost and much more.
This opportunity for youth to engage in solving Bangalore’s water crisis was very well received by students of T.John College. On 29th October 2017, Sunday they joined for this cause and planted 500 saplings on river banks of Kumudvathi River near Nelamangala, and also students cleaned a temple pond in Dobelle. Mr. Govind Kumar, PED coordinated this activity.

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