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Social Service Club Activity by MBA students

On 14th October 2017, we the students of T.John College along with our faculties Dr. Nilanjana Basu and Prof. Lokesh RV visited St. Joseph Nivas Special School as a part of social responsibility club programme.
Diwali is a festival when people light the lamps of dreams. As a part of social responsibility club, we first and third semester MBA students took an initiative to share this Diwali happiness with the students of St. Joseph Nivas Sepcial School.
Sister Jayamalini delivered a meaningful speech and introduced each and every student and helpers of St. Joseph Nivas.
Prof. Dr. Nilanjana and Prof. Lokesh also delivered a meaningful speech and made us realise the actual gift of god are the children who are not able to celebrate like we do and the actual happiness is celebrating Diwali together with those children.
We the students gifted them diyas, soft toys and biscuits and made them happy.
The MBA 1st and 3rd semester students conducted cultural events and performed for them. The children of St. Joseph Nivas too joined us in our performance. We hope to conduct many more such programs in the future. It made us realise that actual happiness is when we see others happy because of us.

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