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College Education, Employability & Career

Congratulations! You are now officially a part of the T.John family.

Graduation may seem a long time away.

Time to sit back and unwind??!!!

Definitely take some time to chill out but making an action plan for your college years could be the key to getting the dream job you have set your eyes on.

Employability seems to be the buzz word of the moment. If we Google the word, you get some shocking snippets like

50 per cent of Indian graduates not fit to be hired: report (

India Graduates Millions, but Too Few Are Fit to Hire (The Wall Street Journal)

So what is employability? If we break it all down: employ-ability, the word suggests that it is your ability to secure a job and function effectively in it.

Why all this hype about this word?

Put yourself in the place of your employer. Why would you hire one person over another?

This is more than about marks secured and knowledge required. It is about being able to put the knowledge in to practice and draw on a range of skills such as confidence, communication, body language, adaptability, resilience, team work, etc to be efficient in your job.

Your degree and marks are of course important. But what distinguishes you from your fellow graduate?

Here are 5 steps to future career success that you can take during college.

  1. Get your CV up to scratch: You are right. You have just joined but we are not asking you to write a perfect CV for a job. We are asking you to look at the perfect CV’s online that are written for your dream job. That way you can learn about what you need to do to get your CV up to scratch. Identify the areas you have to concentrate on before your graduation, the online courses you can take during breaks, internships you can apply for during summer based on CV’s floating in the market.
  2. Internships: Apply speculatively to companies asking for career-related work experience. This will usually be unpaid or underpaid but can be a great way to get a foot in the door of your ideal organisation and real experience of your chosen career. When approaching companies, you need to be clear on what you are looking for and make sure you send a CV and a covering letter. If you are successful in getting one, your job prospects receive a massive boost over other applicants.
  3. Online Courses: These days there are a lot of free online courses on the market for every discipline of study. T.John’s faculty members can help you identify the courses which could enhance your employability. Take these courses during breaks. You can even get a certification if you pay a minimum amount.
  4. Maximise your college experience: Consider joining a sports team or a club, perhaps taking a committee role. Make the most of your time on-campus.
  5. Soft skills: Education is an essential tool for achieving sustainability. But with the current economic development trends, education alone does not suffice. Education, awareness and training are the key towards sustainability. Employers looking out to fill their vacancies, look for not only technical skills or adequate experience, they also look for soft skills. Soft skills contribute to a person’s ability to manage him/herself and relate to other people. So polish your soft skills. We at T.John help our students put their best foot forward in the corporate world with our Skill Development Center. Through the center, it has been conceived to impart relevant job–oriented training to students alongside their university curriculum. The first program of the centre will be on “Enhancing Soft Skills” – a 40hrs program, with a certification at the end of the program. The purpose is to groom our students towards positive attitude, acceptable body language, listening skills and effective communication, resulting in better placements.

The world is wide, options are numerous but we at T.John believe in guiding our students through a planned, tried and tested path to ensure success. Welcome to T.John.

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