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FDP on Innovative Techniques of Management Teaching

TIMS organized a 1-Day Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on “Innovative Techniques of Management Teaching” on 15/09/2016. The programme started with the lightning of lamp by the Guest Speaker of the day Dr. R. Srinivasan, Professor, IIM Bangalore along with Dr. Bijoy Mishra, Principal and Prof. Shijimol. E. A, Head of the Department. Dr. Bijoy Mishra, welcomed the Guest Speaker of the day and the delegates gathered to attend the FDP.

By recognizing the need of the present day teaching in management education, the FDP was divided into three sessions namely; Case Study Method of Teaching, Activity Based Study with Blended MOOCs and Personal & Professional requirement to enhance effectiveness as a teacher.

The first session on Case Study Method of Teaching, Dr. R. Srinivasan discussed about how learning is happening in Child hood and how the leaning can be successfully achieved in the adulthood. He narrated that the effective learning can happen through four processes such as Concrete Experience, Reflective Observation, Abstract conceptualization and Active Experimentation. Prof. Srinivasan also stressed about developing the skills like data collection, data organization, inference and judgment. The second session engaged by Dr.P. C Narayan, Prof. Finance & Accounting, IIM Bangalore, on Activity Based study with Blended MOOCs(Massive Open Online Courses). He explained about the inception of MOOCs by IIMB and the success of it for the past two years. Prof. Narayan demonstrated about how exactly he conducts classes with Videos, discussions and discussion forum and shared the feedback from the students who have enrolled from all over the world. The session gave insights about how can faculty member can utilize the online resources as well as own resources to implement blended MOOCs in the class room.

In the Third session, Dr. Elizabeth Jasmine Dr. Elizabeth, Principal & Associate Professor, IIPR, Bangalore, discussed about Personal and Professional requirement to enhance effectiveness as a teacher. She divided the session in to three parts such as Personal Requirements of a Teacher, Professional Requirements of a Teacher and Strategies for successful teaching. She also gave an opportunity to the participants to understand the locus of control and participate in an activity. Prof. Shijimol, HOD, TIMS presented the conclusion of the FDP and Prof. Naveenan. R extended the Vote of thanks. Participants appreciated about the usefulness of the programme and the efforts made by TIMS to conduct the FDP.

TIMS extend thanks to the Chairman, Principals of TJGI, Administrator and the Principals/ Directors of participating colleges for the successful conduct of FDP on Innovative Techniques of Management teaching.

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