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Ethinic Day in TIMS-2016

T John Institute of Management & Science Celebrated ETHINIC DAY ON 13th August 2016, Students came in ethnic wear representing different cultures of India. The students not only donned an ethnic attire but also showcased various cultures, food habits, famous places of that particular States of India.

They also performed in cultural programs like:

1. Solo and group dance.

2. Singing.

3. Rangoli.

4. Cultural quiz.

5. Fashion show.

The energy levels were quite high as the campus was bursting with enthusiasm and passion. The judges selected Ms. Anjali of vth Bcom as Ms. ETHNIC & Mr. Prasanth of III Bcom as Mr. ETHNIC. The overall winner of the ethnic day was V BCOM and V BBA.

TIMS congratulate the Mr. Ethnic & Ms. Ethnic of 2016 & Vth BCOM and BBA students for being overall winner of the Ethnic day events.

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