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“Yoga is the art work of awareness on the canvas of body, mind, and soul.”

The International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st of June, 2019 with great enthusiasm at T John College. The day saw faculty members as enthusiastic participants who had joined in for the celebration. The session began with a welcome address to the gathering by Ms. Vaishnavi.R, Assistant Professor in Journalism, followed by a one hour practical session covering basic stretches, yogasanas like Pavanmukthasan, Bhujangasan, Suryanamaskar, Chandranamaskara , Pranayam,Anilom and Vilom to energise the participants. The guests for the day Ms. Mukul Gupta, Yoga Trainer and Practitioner who guided the gathering in doing the various Yogasanas.

Ms. Mukul Gupta,  a freelance yoga trainer, has been conducting Yoga Classes for people of all walks of life. The overall session lasted more than one hour with a closure concentrating on methods of meditation, Pranayam and its benefits. The grand celebration ended with refreshments being served to the participants. The day bought people of varied backgrounds and interest to support the cause of creating awareness about holistic lifestyle. The session offered solace and contempt to the participants.



Guest Lecture on “Careers in Banking and other State & Central Government Jobs”

Guest Lecture on “Careers in Banking and other State & Central Government Jobs”

Date: 13-Jun-2019

On 13th June 2019, the Training & Placement cell of the Department of Management Studies hosted a guest lecture on “Careers in Banking and other State & Central Government Jobs”.

The distinguished speakers were Mr. Ballal (Ex-GM Karnataka Bank), Mr. Krishnamuthry (Senior Manager –BRET solutions).

They touched upon the different careers opportunities as probationary officer, clerks, junior managers etc., in the banking industry, the different courses they need undergo and the skills required.

They also gave tips to crack the State & Central Govt. Exams.

The students were impressed with growth and the remuneration opportunities in these sectors.

The session was very interactive as the students were able to clarify their doubts relating to the employment options in banking and other Govt. Jobs.



Guest Talk on “Business India’s Digital Transformation”

Guest Talk on “Business India’s Digital Transformation”

Date: 12-Jun-2019

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.

Today the technology is rapidly changing the style of functioning in the corporate world.

In order to get a knowledge of the processes in the functional areas, the Training & Placement cell of the Department of Management Studies hosted a Guest Lecture on “Business India’s Digital Transformation” for the MBA students.

The distinguished speaker was Mr.Vijayaraghavan –Practice Head, Digital Transformation and Dr.Chandrashekar, Director –Empower HR Solutions.

Mr. Raghavan shared very valuable inputs with regards to the tangible benefits of Digital transformation in todays’ businesses, He also discussed the challenges and ways to overcome the challenges in it.

They also touched upon the different types of ERP tools and its benefits for the organization. They advised all the MBA students to equip themselves with latest technology along with their domain knowledge.

The students displayed complete attention and eagerness to the guest lecture, they also made enquiries regarding the various courses which would be helpful in employment in this digital age.



Orientation Session on MBA Specializations for 3rd & 4th Semesters

On 10th June 2019, Department of Management Studies, T.John College conducted an orientation program for their MBA 2nd Semester Students on the choice of specialization for their upcoming semesters.

The Inaugural address was given by the Director of Department of Management Studies Prof. Dr. C. Karthikeyan followed by HOD Dr. Sonia Singh giving brief about the course and Curriculum.

Later during the day, the chairpersons of three school of thought (Marketing. Finance and HR) addressed the students on skills required by students for various specialisations and about the necessity of Value Added Courses.

The session concluded with Placement & Training co-ordinator giving an in depth perspective on the industry requirements and various job opportunities they can expect for each specialization.

Students were able get some clarity on their choice of specialization in the question hour.