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“True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united. “

The kick off for the club session for the academic year 2018-19 got off to a colourful start with the inauguration ceremony at the TJGI auditorium on the 6th of July, 2018.

The event got off to a rollicking start at 11:30AM with all the new comers assembled at the auditorium with bated breaths listening to the presentations by various coordinators about their respective clubs. The fountain head of T John College Dr. Shikha Tiwari and the chief architect of the clubs, Mrs. Hemalatha Doddamani with their presence gave the right impetus to the start of the club campaigns. The cub coordinator Ms. Lakshmi lent her full support while Ms. Tejaswini provided the technical help for the inaugural function.

T John College has fortified its regular academic programme with different types of activities that have the students exploring their inherent talents and indulging in hitherto unknown fields which eventually make them to stand out in a crowd.

The clubs that are registered for this academic year are:


* CULINARY AND BEVERAGES CLUB – the delectable activity that is going to be truly lip smacking

* MANAGERS CLUB – the decisive club that rests on managing talent

* YOGA CLUB – the art and science of living captured in asanas

* COMPUTER CLUB – the science of today is the technology of tomorrow

* NATURE CLUB – a little bit of sunshine, freedom and a lovely flower that can bring magic to our lives

* NSS – service to others is the rent you pay for the room here on Earth

* MODELLING CLUB – express yourself boldly through fashion

* LITERARY CLUB – discover something extraordinary here

* CULTURAL CLUB – the heart and soul of talent

* PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB – hold still your life’s memories here

* SPORTS CLUB – a place where preparation and opportunity meet

* MIND ENGINEERING CLUB – follow your heart but do not forget to take your brain too

* FINANCE CLUB – your net worth will be assessed here

* STUDENTS SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – the ideal place to pay back!


The synopsis of the club presented by the respective coordinators of the various clubs was equal to a sales pitch that had all the students listening with keen ears to enable them to decide which activity was suitable to their tastes, interest and inclination.


The TALENT HUNT and LOL 2018 Organized by RED FM was conducted on 20th of July 2018 at T.John College. The event saw a hub of talent pool with students across all streams participated to showcase their talents. The show was anchored by Mr. Mustafa who also conducted activities and games for the audience. The talent hunt ended with  4 students being selected as best performer based on their talents exhibited. The show gave a lot of opportunities for the I semester students by providing them a platform to establish their talent.