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Give yourself the permission to fail

“Edison made 1000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb”

“Charles Darwin gave up his medical career and was told by his father that Darwin cares for nothing but shooting, dogs and rat catching”

“Sigmund Freud was booed from the podium when he first presented his ideas to the scientific community”

While there is much evidence and acceptance that failure can lead to success, failure’s vital role in helping us evolve is still fully not acknowledged by the society at large. Why is failing such a terrifying idea for most people? Failure feels like a threat to the image we project to ourselves and others. It is almost as if it is a threat to our survival. It gives a feeling of those who can’t, won’t be respected/praised and will be ridiculed.
More than failure sometimes it’s the fear of failure that has a far worse effect. It is more crippling than the real thing itself. It can distort reality. It can hinder your real abilities and not give way for discovering talents. How to conquer this fear?

1. Learn about yourself: Understand your strengths and weakness. Learn what you are good at and enhance your skills there. Accept if you are not good at something; it is not the end of the world.
2. Put fear under the scanner: Instead of denying fear, own up to it. Put in under the scanner and list down what you are afraid of and why. Try to list down what you are missing out of fear. Encourage yourself to find the worst case scenario and the likelihood of it happening.
3. Rationalize it: Weigh the missed opportunities against your why’s. Many a times the articulated comparisons give you strength to proceed.
4. Jump into it: As humans we are ingrained to become good at something if we apply ourselves to it. Expose yourself to your fears and it gets easier to handle it. To eradicate it, you need patience and time.
5. Celebrate the outcome: You have given your-all into the situation. Accept the outcome. In fact celebrating failures help you accept them and move forward.

If failure is a steady companion in your life, is it a terrible thing? “Those who never failed, never tried” says Albert Einstein. Perhaps we have failed to comprehend the real meaning of failure. We should not view it as a dreaded monster, instead as a means of evolution and personal growth.

As young adults our popular misconception is that we have to prevent our failure. The truth is closer to the opposite. We should give ourselves the permission to fail, which is the only way we can grow to succeed.

Eye Donation Awareness Programme

TIMS NSS organized an eye donation awareness programme in association with Indian Red cross society on 29/7/2017. Mr.M.K.Krishna((State Convenor – EYE Donation & Opticals (Red Cross SOCIETY Karnataka);Chairperson South Zone,EYE BANK Association of India) was the cheif guest. His lectures on the topics EYE DONATION,BLOOD DONATION, ORGAN DONATION AND SOCIAL COMMITMENT motivated the students to dedicate themselves for the social causes. The meeting started at 10.45am with the welcome adderss by Prof. Swarnalatha(TIMS,HOD), follows the felicitation address by Prof. Prem Knowles(Co-ordinator,NSS) & lecture by the cheif guest.The meeting concluded with the vote of thanks by Prof. Vimalanathan.
Special Thanks to Prof. Shijimol (Principal, TIMS) for the esteemed supports and encouragement.

The Club Activities on 21st July at T. John College

The Mind Engineering Club has for its motto, “The universe is changing; our life is what our thoughts make it”. The students were briefed on the previous session in the beginning of today’s session. Today’s session was learning about how to ‘look into your mind’. The students were also introduced to the idea of the secret laws of the universe. They have been shown a few videos on the law of divine oneness.

The 14 members in the Manager’s Club were made to play two games which would help improve their management skills. In the Modelling Club, the students were divided into three groups, who were choreographed to ramp-walk for Indian and western wear. The Cultural Club held an audition which was followed by conceptualization and planning for August 15.

In the Computer Club, the students were taught web designing techniques. They were also given an idea on how to link to web pages. In Nature Club a PPT was presented on how vertical gardening has to be done. Plans were made on the making of a vertical garden in the campus. The Chess Club conducted a friendly match between its members. The new joiners in the club learned from the experienced ones and later they also had a match among themselves. The Table Tennis Club had a practice session and lessons were given by the coordinator. The members of the Photography Club were roaming around in the campus with the view to click ‘Nature Themed Photos’. They have also covered different clubs in TJC as they conducted their respective activities. In the Culinary Club, Mr. Yuvraj, the faculty coordinator from BHM, conducted a discussion on the classification of the Beverages.

This time, the NSS club collaborated with Yoga Club and around 50 students participated in the Yoga session which was an experience of reliving the moments of peace. In the Basket Ball Club, the students were given a pre-assessment test based on Shooting, dribbling, controlling of the ball, defence tactics, D-line tactics, and regulations of the game. Off court training on team building, leadership, motivation, verbal and non-verbal communication discipline and punctuality was also given by the coordinator Ms. Sunitha R. The Badminton Club also conducted practice sessions. A five over match was conducted in the Cricket Club and both the teams gave a stunning performance. The Literary Club conducted a Group Discussion, wherein the participants showed great enthusiasm while taking on ‘Modern Education’ and ‘Social Media and the Young Generation’.

Congratulations to Mr. Shashank.C

The Dept. of Hotel Management-T. John College is proud to announce the winning of Mr. Shashank.C in the 11th state level club tournament on 17/7/2017 and 18/7/2017 of the game KHO-KHO. He represented  New Challengers club (BTM) in state level He has a track record of winning matches at the Zonal level, Taluk level and District level in prior. Mr. Shashank is also awarded as the Best KHO-KHO player(under-18) of Karnataka state. The management, staff and students of BHM Department wishes him good luck to scale all possible heights in future.

TIMS – Fresher’s Day – Clique Camp’17

“Fresher Party” in any college is an event which every student eagerly awaits from the time of their admissions. The 14th of July 2017was marked as a memorable day in the life of every fresher of 2017-20 batch at T John Institute of Management and Science, as TIMS conducted Fresher’s Day “CLIQUE CAMP’17” to welcome BBA & BCOM Ist year students. The Fresher’s day was a day that was filled with excitement, joy, music, enthusiasm, laughter and happiness. The dress code for the Fresher’s day was ‘Dress your Best’ The celebration started sharp at 1.15 PM at Seminar Hall with the opening prayer followed by the welcome address by Prof. Shijimol E A. Principal, TIMS and  Prof, Swarnalatha V. HOD, TIMS.

The program kick-started with the prayer song followed by various Cultural Events like Songs, Solo Dances, Group Dances etc. in between the cultural events the fresher were invited on stage in groups and a brief introduction was given by the fresher. Fresher’s had to perform the task given by their seniors for one minute.

After stiff competition, Six students were shortlisted for Mr. and Ms. Fresher title. The shortlisted candidates were Ankit Kumar (BBA), Kashish Sharma (BBA) , Royce Vincet (BBA), Aju Thoma (BCOM), Jane Vijetha (BCOM) and Achsah Rajan (BCOM). They were asked questions by judges and task was given to perform. Everyone performed their task well but finally Mr. Ankit Kumar (BBA), as Mr. Fresher and  Ms. Kashish Sharma (BBA)  as Miss Fresher won the title. The honour of Mr. Fresher and Ms Fresher was rewarded by Prof. Shijimol E.A. Principal, TIMS and  Prof, Swarnalatha V. HOD, TIMS.

The program concluded with the vote of thanks. All the Fresher’s and the seniors rocked the show and enjoyed the celebrations and all the Fresher’s thanked the principal, staff and seniors students for hosting such a nice program that they could cherish lifelong.

Culinary Live Demo at Hypercity

A select team of 7th Sem students from The Department of Hotel Management – T. John College, under the guidance of Food and Beverage Production faculties comprising of Chef. Satish Khalkho, Chef Balaji Singh, Chef Naveen Abraham, in association with Hypercity situated in Meenakshi Mall Hulimavu, conducted a live Culinary show on Saturday 08/07/2017.

A live demo on preparation of different Pasta and grilled fish with various suitable combination of sauces were made and put on display.

The show was a huge attraction and great success. The customers were eager to know and learn the techniques while the show was on and they were also encouraged to taste. After seeing the huge response and success the Management of Hypercity has requested the Hotel Management Department to come up with a few more live shows in the upcoming Weeks.

This joint effort with Hypercity and The Department of Hotel Management – T. John College to conduct this live cookery show at Hypercity would yield the department a branding visibility reach of a minimum 25000 people, through the messages send by the Management of Hypercity and the walk in customers who view the event.

TIMS Orientation Day

TIMS organised Orientation Day for I Semester BCOM & BBA  Students  of 2017 batch on 6th July 2017. The programme started at 9.30.a.m by invocation song.The programme started by welcome speech of HOD Prof. V.Swarnalatha. Parents also got opportunity to share the uses of college.

The Principal  Shijimol E.A. address to the students about the  system and procedures, code of conduct to be followed by the students in the college, about procurement of 100% results, maintaining of attendance as per University standard and time management which will help them to shape them into world- class managers.

After lunch the session commenced with the introduction of clubs by club co-coordinator Prof.Rajni Gupta. This was followed by introduction of various Subjects taken by different faculty members.


On 4th July 2017, the Hotel Management Dept. of T. John College conducted a culinary workshop. Chef Karl. Guggenmos from Culinary Solution International LLC a Global Culinary Consultancy service along with Chef Satish Madaan from Singapore- the winner of young chef Olympiad demonstrated a few continental dishes and showed their plate presentation.

The students of IIIrd and VIIth Sem BHM participated in the workshop. Chef Karl explained the nuances and importance of plate presentation. The workshop was very interesting , valuable  and a great inspiration to those who especially like to pursue their career in the culinary world.

T John College Induction Programme 2017

T JOHN COLLEGE organised Induction Programme for the undergraduate courses of B.COM, BHM, BBA, BCA, BA and FAD on the 3rd of July, 2017 at the TJGI auditorium. The event anchored by Ms. Sandhya Parnandy got underway at 10:30 AM to a packed and excited audience.

Ms. Kiran Vazirani welcomed the luminaries on stage and the esteemed gathering with a fine introduction of the T John group of institutions.

The solemn rendition of the invocation song in the form of a beautiful Sanskrit shloka by Miss Sowmya and Miss Julia set the tone for an auspicious beginning to the day. Reverend Father Eldho invoked the blessings of the Almighty with his prayer and had pearls of wisdom for the congregation and was followed by a Lamp Lighting ceremony

The prime mover of T John College and a brilliant academician Dr. Shikha Tiwari, our Principal, welcomed the young intellectual minds and the proud parents with her powerful articulation.

Dr. Thomas P John, the chairman of T. John Group of Institution, was at his motivational best when he addressed the gathering. His speech was laced with inspirational words and urged the newcomers to tune and tweak their minds and thought processes.

Retired Wing Commander David A K Yohan enlightened the audience recalling his long association with T John group, first as Principal and then as part of the advisory board.

Next to take centre stage was Mr. Krishna Karthik, an alumnus of T John College, who was reminiscent of his college days and he eloquently described how much he had enjoyed those days and was glad to relive those moments.

Ms. Hemalatha Doddamani, Vice Principal of TJC proposed the vote of thanks expressing her gratitude to one and all for making the function a grand success.

The event culminated with a wonderful parent interaction and Mr. Kurein Jacob expressed his thoughts and opinions.

After the customary National Anthem that officially signalled the end of the programme, the guests were treated to tea and refreshments.


Team Bonding Activity for T John College Staff Members

The Centre for Teaching & Learning had planned a 2 day Faculty Development Program the first of which happened on 10thJune 2017 comprising of talks from several eminent personalities focusing on the area of youth needs, psychology of the young adults and engaging students in activities beyond curriculum that focus on nation building.

The second phase of the program was a team bonding activity that took place on 1st July 2017 at Baevu – A Village Resort. 60 members of the T John College team visited this village resort where a number of team bonding activities like games were held. The team went for a trek into the forest area, played cricket, took a dip in the pool and enjoyed the company of each other. Besides they were also given insights into how the resort was operated with minimal carbon footprint.

Overall, it was a lovely experience and all were very happy and content to have participated in this event.