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5 things I would tell my 17 year old self

I was sitting down with chai-samosa at my favourite joint when I found a group of college teens walking in. The enthusiasm, the chatter & laughs brought a feeling of nostalgia. 17 is the age you leave your folks at home, head for a college to become independent – the age when stakes are higher. I was wondering what I would tell my 17 year old self & came up with this list…

Live off on what you love to do: Find the answer to the question “what is the work that you cannot do?”. Find your strengths, talent and passions and see how to build a career out of it. Don’t choose a course or college because it has great career prospects. You have a long career path ahead of you and it can become a winding one if you have no interest in what you do. Live off your passion to bring the best out of you and make the world a better place.

Begin your career on campus, not after: Industrial Visits & Internships help you get real-world experience and help you decide what to do after graduation. Explore the opportunities through alumni chapters and college career counselling cell. Many organizations provide summer internships for interested students. Check their website for details. This will help you to know what to expect at your workplace and can help you hone your skills accordingly.

Surprise Yourself: College is a whole new experience unlike school. Look forward to the change, take advantage of the variety of opportunities. Don’t be afraid to try new things right from the start. Join one or two clubs that would challenge you and let you explore some unchartered territory. Remember you have nothing to lose and might learn something new along the way. Take off those academic blinders and explore your passions/fleeting interest.

Hone your social skills: One of advantages of college is the ability to meet diverse individuals. Let’s face it. If you don’t do anything in college, you never meet anyone. So find many activities other than the mandatory ones and share it with those around you. Organize a weekly game, watch a favourite TV show, form a book-club. The ideas are endless.

A sound mind in a sound body: The art of living starts with a sturdy canvas. Eat right, exercise, be flexible and think positively. Start a new exercise regime, try new dishes & cultivate more friendships.

College is the best chance to prepare, to learn, to grow towards the knowledgeable and adaptive individuals you need to be to succeed. Grab it & make it work.




The Celebration of International Yoga Day in T. John College

T John College celebrated International Day of Yoga on June 21 2017, with great enthusiasm and fervour. The Auditorium was filled with yoga enthusiasts – teachers, staff members and above all, students. The session began with a welcome address to the gathering by Ms. Mrs.Sucharita Banerji Asst.Professor, Department of Management Studies, followed by a one hour practical session covering warm-up stretches, Surya Namaskar, Yoga postures, Yoga Nidra finished with pranayama & meditation. Two members Ms. Gauri R. Nair and Ms. Devi R. Nair, members and teachers of the Art of Living Foundation, took the gathering through a wonderful journey of Yogasanas.

Ms. Gauri Nair is an international faculty of the Art of Living. She has been conducting Stress Management programs of the Art of Living for the last 17 years for people of all walks of life including students, business persons and professionals. She has travelled widely within India, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. A Commerce graduate, she has also done her management education from IIM Ahmedabad. Ms. Devi Nair has been a faculty of the AOL since 2009. She specializes in the Living well program which aims at managing lifestyle disorders such as hypertension & diabetes.

The overall session lasted more than one hour with the final 15 minutes concentrating on methods of meditation and its benefits. Since all the participants were advised to eat a very light breakfast, the celebrations ended with refreshments for all. It was wonderful to see people of varied backgrounds and interest gather together a support the cause of creating awareness about holistic lifestyle. The session was an excellent experience. It offered spiritual solace and relaxation to the participants. The session was also instrumental in reducing stress and making the participants happy. The programme received a very enthusiastic response from the participants. Ms.Kiran Vazirani, Asst. Professor Dept. of Business Management delivered vote of thanks. This event was made possible by the tireless efforts of Dr. Shikha Tiwari, Principal T John College and Ms. Hemalatha Doddamani, Vice Principal, T John College.

One day International Conference on “Business Opportunities and Challenges in Cashless Society”

The Management Studies Department of T.John College, conducted one day International Conference on “Business Opportunities and Challenges in Cashless Society”. The Inauguration session witnessed thought provoking speeches by dignitaries which set the pace for the conference.Dr. NilanjanaBasu, Executive Director of the Management Studies Department welcomed the gathering. T.John College Principal, Dr. Shikha Tiwari gave the overview of the conference. Dr. Thomas P John, Chairman of the T.John Group of Institutions addressed the audience on the issue of cashless society and also gave a motivational speech. The guest of honour for the conference was Dr. R Vaidyanathan (Retired. Professor, IIM Bangalore (Finance and Control Area). The keynote speech was given by Dr. Kannan( Higher Education Consultant). This was followed by a panel discussion by specialists from various sectors of the economy. The post lunch session had national and international paper presentation.

1-Day Faculty Development Programme on “Excellence in Teaching & Learning”

A one-day Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on ”Excellence in Teaching & Learning” was organized by T. John Institute of Management & Science (TIMS) on the 15th June 2017. The theme of the FDP was set keeping in line with the need of the hour for teachers. The programme was inaugurated with welcome address delivered by Prof.Shijimol.E.A, HOD, TIMS.

The Faculty Development Programme was scheduled in three sessions. On that day, the keynote speaker for the first session was Dr Sreelata Jonnalagedda, Associate Professor, IIM – Bangalore. She enlightened and discussed with the faculty audience on the sub-theme “Role of Teaching in Digital Age”. This session was highly informative regarding the system of education and communicated the educational requirements, stimulating engagement of the students, classroom strategies for teachers and so on.

The second session was on “Creative Thinking in Teaching & Learning” taken up by Dr Latha Krishnan, Professor & Dean, Dayananda Sagar Institute of Management & Science – Bangalore. She highlighted and reiterated the essentials of creativity. Her session was very much memorable. She has done many leadership and creativity games, mind mapping activity etc.

 The third session was Dr Nandeesh V Hiremath, Professor, Indus Business Academy, and Bangalore who spoke on “Managing Expectations of Next Generation Students (NGS): Art of Facilitation skills for Faculty”. Sir, initiated the session by elucidating the importance of process of learning in this new era. This session was full of activities done by the participants that brought back to the faculty audience the entire package of values, way of thinking and approach that enables to build a teaching career that leads to outcomes best outcomes.

All participants highly appreciated the usefulness and coverage of the programme.

TIMS thanks the Management, Administration and all colleges of T. John Group of Institutions for their support and participation.

TIMS appreciates all the FDP internal committee members and staffs for their efforts towards making this programme a great success.

Faculty Development Programme by CTL

The Centre for teaching and learning, T.John College organized a two day  faculty development programme to enrich the knowledge of faculties through interaction with eminent personalities from industries and academia for a better understanding of the teaching-learning process. The second day of this programme will be an outbound activity, scheduled on the 1st of July 2017. The Faculty Development programme started with a welcome speech by Dr.Shikha Tiwari, Principal T.John College. She imparted the integral values of teaching and motivated the teachers to achieve greater goals in academics. The welcome address was followed by a motivational talk by Dr. Thomas.P.John, Chairman, T.John Group of Institutions. The talk was centered upon the importance of planning for a holistic developmentof the Self. He also emphasized on engineering the mind by tuning it in the rightful direction for achieving the set target.Ms. Hemalatha Doddamani, Vice Principal, T.John College delivered the vote of thanks for the session.

The forenoon session commenced after a short break for refreshment.  Ms. Maithreye S Holeyachi, Professor, BBA Department introduced the key speaker Dr. Seema Malhotra, Clinical Psychologist from NIMHANS. She brought into forefront the importance of mentoring the youth through a detailed discussion on the key aspects of mentoring. The session also saw a productive interaction between the faculty members and Dr.Seema  Malhotra, which shed lights on the nuances of mentoring. The insightful session came to an end with videos demonstrating the process of one to one mentoring which the teachers found helpful. Ms. Sucharitha  Banerjee, Head of IQAC and CTL member delivered the vote of thanks.

The afternoon session commenced post the lunch breakwith an introduction of the key speakers by Dr. Felcy Judith, Director CA Department and CTL member. MS. Gowri.C.Nair, Mr.Vineeth, Ms. Isha and Ms. Lakshmi from ART OF LIVING were the key speakers for the session whose talks centered on the development of the Self through social well being. Mr.Vineeth  and Ms. Isha, the young volunteers associated with the Art of Living shed lights on the importance of Social Service, the various social immersion programmes, fellowships and internships for the students and emphasized on the fact that it provides  an opportunity for the personal and societal growth. Ms. Lakshmi, who completed her education from Tata Institute of Social Science also shared with the audience her experience at the Art of Living. Ms. Gowri.C.Nair, shared her expertise in the service sector, and delivered an insightful talk on the holistic wellbeing of the self and extending the joy of living to the community.  The Faculty development programme came to an end with the vote of thanks by Dr. Nilanjana Basu, Executive Director MBA department and Head of CTL.