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Two days Faculty Development Program at T John Institute of Technology

Two days Faculty Development Program was organized at T John Institute of Technology on 27th July 2016 and 28th July 2016 by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering for all the teaching and non teaching staff of TJIT.

The Faculty development program inaugurated with an invocation song by Ms. Apoorva Hegde, Ms. Lekshmy V and Ms. Sumita Deepak from Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The first session of day 1 of FDP was general addressing by Dr. H N Thippeswamy, Principal, T John Institute of Technology. He briefed on annual report of the academic year 2015-16 and advised faculties on attendance, RH entry, IA Marks, dress code, people soft. After this, the new joinees introduced themselves to the gathering.

The Next session was “Awareness on CBCS Scheme” by Dr. Radha H R, Professor and Head, Department of Chemistry. She gave insight of the CBCS scheme that VTU has recently introduced. She explained the credit system, grading system, IA marks, and examinations with respect to CBCS scheme. This was followed by a session on “Awareness on People Soft” by Mr. Unus Appakkadan, PeopleSoft Admin, TJGI. He demonstrated the entry and updation of attendance and class diary in people soft tool.

The last session of day 1 of FDP was on “PF awareness” by Mr. Amardeep Mishra, PF Commissioner. He briefed on Provident Fund and Pension schemes of our government and advised not to withdraw provident fund and made everyone to understand the benefits of the same. The first session of day 2 of FDP was on “Paths to Success” by Dr. Bijoy Mishra, Principal, T John Institute of Management and Science. He shared the rules that one has to adopt in life if he/she wants to be successful. He also explained those rules with interesting short stories and some of the incidents of his own life.

This session was followed by a knowledge sharing session by TJIT faculties viz Ms. Manjusha Kulkarni, Ms Susa George from Dept. of CSE, Ms. Prithvi H S from Dept. of ISE, Mr. Srinivas from Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and Mr. Karthik from Dept. of Civil Engineering on “Teaching Learning Process”, which was the FDP program conducted by VTU at Mysuru from 11th july 2016 to 15th july 2016. They basically focused on current engineering challenges, teaching and learning methodologies. Next session was by MS. Prakrithi Srivastava, Research Analyst, TJGI on RH Goals. She gave insight of the new RH goal ‘Industry Academia Collaboration’ and also briefed on incentive criteria. Following this there was a session by Dr. Rajdeep Manwani, Co-ordinator, Department of Commerce, Jain University. The session was on on “3 C’s of Effective teaching”. The speaker effectively guided everyone on enhancing the quality of teaching by incorporating 3 C’s – Craft, Creativity and Care in our teaching.

The FDP ended with the session on “Awareness on VTU Consortium e- Resources” by Mr. Akshay Prasanna, Manager – learning and Development, GIST. He gave an insight of accessing e – resources and also demonstrated different search options to search an article using IEEE platform.

Freshers Day Celebration (1st BBA & BCOM)

TIMS celebrated fresher’s day for Ist Semester BCOM & BBA Students on 15th July 2016. The 3rd and 5th semester BCOM & BBA Students took initiative to welcome their juniors to the college and offered their friendship and support. The day was marked with a symbolic gesture of a surprise by seniors and junior together, innovative way of introducing oneself to audience, various games & fun, and casual dance. The day gave students an example of the best of student life in TIMS, a chance to make new friends and get advice on all aspects of students’ life, academic and social, from seniors and the faculty members.

Mr.Fresher was Amal from 1st BBA and Miss freshie was Lavanya from 1st BCOM. The celebration was joined by all the students, faculty members, HOD and the Principal.