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Sports Day in T. John College was conducted on Jan 17, 2015 which turned out to be a huge success with active participants and enthusiasm shown both by the students and staff. The day started with a bang as the very first event was the 100mts ruining for the boys. Scores of fellow students cheered for their friends and departments.

The day continued without blemish with events such as 100mts/200mts ruining, shot-put & long jump for both boys/girls. What was most fascinating to see was the number of students that came forward and participated in all events. In the beginning it was decided that each students will only get an opportunity to participate in 3 events but due to the request of the students and the great fervor they showed in the field the competition was made open to all across events. 400mts departmental relay was conducted and the winner for men’s team was the BHM Dept and for the women’s relay BBM Dept girls stole the limelight.

Enthusiasm flowed not just from students but also from staff (both teaching and non teaching); who were not only the supporting pillars of the event but they also participated in events such as 100mts running for men in which Mr. Doddaiah from Biotech Dept took away the first prize. In the shot-put for men Mr. Suresh from BHM Dept was unbeatable and stood first. Women faculty members too gave a neck to neck competition to their fellow competitors, in shot-put (women) Ms. Reshma from Biotech Dept bagged the first prize and in lemon & spoon race Ms. Richa from BCA Dept stole the show.

Post lunch teams clashed for two major games – throw ball for girls and football for boys. Prelims were already conducted in the previous week and on the sports day finals were played. The clash for throw ball girls was in between BBM & Biotech where the BBM girls stood out with flying colors. The football finals were between BHM & BCA boys who ended with penalty and the BHM boys were left unbeaten. The day ended with prize distribution and the Dept that scored the highest points were awarded the Over All Champions Trophy. Departments gave a tough fight for the trophy but could not match the strength of the BBM dept who bagged this award.